Visa Information


There are a number of categories of visas including:

  • Business / Commercial Activities
  • Employment / Residence and Short Term Employment and Dependents
  • Foreign and Diplomatic Official Business
  • Aid Projects, Researchers, Religious Workers, etc.
  • Journalists
  • Yachtspersons

Special conditions apply for some of these visa categories. For further details on the requirements for each type of visa please call the visa section of the PNG Consulate (972-3-5498104).

The following are general entry requirements for those travelling to Papua New Guinea except with a Tourist / Visitor or certain other visas:

  1. Application for Entry Permit (please print off and fill in)
  2. Passport valid for 12 months from the proposed date of entry into PNG
  3. 2 passport size photographs
  4. Full medical check
  5. Medical certificate of AIDS check results
  6. Chest X-ray results/report (not the x-ray film)
  7. PNG Statutory Declaration Form to replace police report
  8. Character reference from competent authority
  9. Letter of confirmation from sponsoring organisation or employer
  10. Visa fee in money order or company check payable to the Papua New Guinea Consulate In Israel or cash (if the application is made in person)
  11. Stamped self-addressed envelope for certified mail or courier service

Children under the age of 16 accompanying their parent(s) are exempted from requirements 5 to 9.

The chest X-ray reports will be returned to the applicant for him/her to hand carry this, together with the X-ray film, for presentation to the Immigration Office, Waigani, Port Moresby.

The Immigration Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs in PNG authorises long-term entry visas. Employers and sponsoring organisations liase with the Immigration Division to authorise the PNG Consulate In Israel to issue the appropriate visa. This procedure can be lengthy.